By the time I had reached my early-fifties, the consequences of having bought into the story that there was something wrong with me had taken its toll. I was exhausted from trying to control and take care of everything and everyone except myself. I kept telling myself I was fine but stress had taken a toll on my body and I was not fine. Then I discovered Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra gave me the tools to restore my sense of wholeness and well-being. My hope is that anyone who is struggling with life challenges or deeper meaning will have the same opportunity to experience the same benefits that I have.




Sheri Parr is a seasoned health sciences research professional and compassionate social behavior change communicator dedicated to the access, advancement and dissemination of public health knowledge and services.

In addition to leading Yoga Nidra classes, retreats, and workshops in Austin, Texas, Sheri is a Master Wellness Volunteer For the Travis County AgriLife Extension program at Texas A&M, a program committed to helping Texans better their lives through outreach and education related to health, nutrition, food safety, and family wellbeing. She is also a member of Yoga International and is an advocate for women seeking empowerment.