Social Marketing Campaign Plan: Teachback

Educating physicians about health literacy

FOR: Hospital Physicians
PROBLEM: Some Physicians are not seeing much adherence from a subgroup of the population, and want to implement more effective strategies to increase the number of flu shots recieved. 
NOTE: Classwork Assignment

As part of the dissemination plan between Hospitals and Physicians, this social marketing campaign outlines a plan to educate physicians on health literacy, and introduce techniques to improve their patents' compliance with treatment plans and overall health.

Program: HIV Prevention in Adults Aged 55+

Educating sexually active seniors

FOR: Clinics & Physicians, Agencies and Nonprofits
PROBLEM: Adults aged 55+ in state of Florida are contracting HIV, resulting in increase in death and medical issues. This program aims to curb the incidents through targeted education, workshops and  and incorporated marketing campaigns.
NOTE: Classwork Assignment

The purpose of this project plan is to guide the development and implementation of a two-year demonstration project funded by The Florida Department of Health, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis Section, Prevention Program. The plan targets a growing number of older adults living in senior centers in central and southern Florida who are at high risk of contracting HIV infection.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research:
Compassionate Healthcare Communication

Understanding the hurdles to providing compassionate care to mental health patients

FOR: Physicians, staff, and managers of healthcare facilities with a high volume of mental health patients
PROBLEM: Due to many regulations and technological advances being imposed on the healthcare industry, physicians have been unable to keep up with both the increase in technical literacy and the levels of compassionate care.
NOTE: Conducted in association with University of South Florida

This research specifically targets mental health care to understand where compassionate care needs to exist and how to best implement it.